PAMELA'S ART by PonsArt, a Marketplace - FAQs

What do you sell in the Marketplace?

A variety of unique items for Home and Living, all created by Pamela Ponsart 

Such as?

Greeting and Note Cards, Photographic Wall Decor, Dining Accessories for your Home and Office, original Watercolor Art and reproductions thereof, Seasonal Sweatshirts, and custom T-shirts for the entire family

How can I see a close-up of the item?

Just click on it; it will magnify.  You'll be able to see every detail.

Are all of your items IN STOCK?

Frequently they are. However, at times they are 'made to order'.  So, please plan on 2 - 5 business days for us to ship your order.

Do your prices include shipping?

YES:  "1st Class" - "Domestic" 

How long does it take?

Usually, 5-7 days for delivery once your order has been shipped by us (We have no control over what takes place with the delivery service once it is in route to you.) You will receive notification of the shipment with a tracking number.

May I request "Priority Mail" service?

YES: Just choose that option when you check out

Do you accept Special Requests?

YES!  We love to receive them!

How do I see you in Person?

Just sign up for my Newsletter in the form provided at the bottom of my Home page. I'll keep you informed of my latest products, 'specials' and notifications of craft shows and art exhibits.