Nevada Desk Set: Featuring the Classic Reno Arch by PonsArt $20.00+

  • $ 35.00

The PonsArt Marketplace is pleased to offer this souvenir Desk Set featuring Reno's Classic Arch and it ships free

Reno's Classic Arch warmly greeted all visitors on Virginia Street as they entered the city from either the north or the south for many years. 

The Mousepad measures 9.25" x 7.75" and the coasters are 4" x 4". Each item is available individually or as a set. Everything is packaged in a clear, glassine, envelope for protection and optimal gift-giving.

All items are foam-backed; 'easy-care'. They spot-clean, easily, by hand if necessary. All items absorb moisture, keeping desk or table neat and clean.  The coasters are a favorite of many; they do not adhere to the bottom of your glass in times of high humidity.

These ship in a sturdy bubble mailer, free, in 1-5 business days. Anticipate delivery 3-5 business days after notification of shipment.


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