Paddle and Ball Set: Family Fun; All Ages; Anywhere; $14.95

  • $ 14.95

If you are a huge fan of: Badminton,  Tennis,  Ping-Pong, Pickleball, or Beach Racquet, this Paddle and Ball Set is just for you! It combines bits and pieces of all the aforementioned sports in a single game. How awesome is that? The ergonomic grip of the paddle allows the player to hold, use, and maneuver the racket in any direction; minimizing hand fatigue and finger soreness.
The set includes: 2 playing balls. When the first goes missing you can continue with the other! The 4 shuttlecocks come in 2 colors: Red and Yellow. Use this Paddle and Ball Set indoors or outdoors; in badminton or tennis courts or at the beach, in your living room or in your backyard; literally anywhere! The supply is limited so order your set today. This is just 'the ticket' if you are looking for a Holiday gift for a Special Family.


  • MASTER YOUR PICKLEBALL GAMES: Whether you are just beginning to learn about pickleball or you are a natural pro player this game combo is a keeper. Skyrocket your ball tossing techniques and make every game a winning one with this paddle and ball bundle.
  • EASY COMFY & NON SLIP GRIP: Our rackets are made of high-quality wood so as to stand the test of time. They are compact durable balanced and lightweight as well. Enjoy a secure powerful and non-slip grip every time you hold it in your hands. Make the most of your games.
  • EACH DELUXE PICKLEBALL PACK COMES WITH: 2 lovely wooden paddles 2 playing balls 4 shuttlecocks and 1 carrying pouch. Keep your pickleball gear nice and tidy inside the bag and facilitate transportation and storage to the fullest. No more missing balls and paddles.
  • ENJOY PICKLEBALL ANYWHERE YOU PLEASE: Take your pickleball games to the next level with the Britenway paddle gear by your side. Play pickleball anywhere you want. Indoors outdoors at the beach backyard inside the pool while lying on your sofa or at a tennis court!
  • STAY FIT & ENERGISED NO MATTER WHAT: Have endless fun meet new people and keep fit at the same time with this pickleball set. Choose the intensity and off you go. Improve hand to eye coordination and engage yourself in the most interesting cardio session of your life.
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Condition: New
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