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The PonsArt Marketplace is pleased to offer these floral coaster sets. Celebrate springtime with these favorite Flowers and color-schemes:  Pink, Purple, Yellow or White. The coasters are reproductions of photographs of 4 blossoming trees and shrubs found in northern Nevada in early spring. Choose from:

  • The Double-Blossoming Pink Crabapple tree
  • The Double Blossoming White Candle Crabapple Tree
  • The Yellow Forsythia Bush
  • The Late Blooming Lilac Bush

Each set consist of four - 4" x 4" square, foam-backed, easy-care, coasters. They spot-clean, easily, by hand if necessary.  Buy a set for yourself and treat your friends! Your friends will love you for it!  These coasters are cheerful and they absorb moisture keeping table or desk neat and clean.  They will not stick to the bottom of your glass in times of high humidity.

Your order will ship in a sturdy bubble mailer, free, in 2-4 business days via USPS. Plan on receiving your order 3 - 5 business days after notification of shipment.

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